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Rohan Mashru

Rohan Mashru


Having always been a sports enthusiast (and realising that his ambitions of being a professional soccer player might not work out), Rohan pursued a career in the business of sport. He completed a Masters Degree in Sports Business from New York University in 2017. After graduating, Rohan took on a role as Strategy Consultant at Realogy, a Fortune-500 real-estate company. From there he moved across to a consulting project with Facebook, working on their eSports strategy, before joining Two Circles in 2019.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Rohan is passionate about the intersection of sports and society. He decided early on not to follow his family footsteps of becoming a doctor; interested, instead, in how sports can be leveraged as a tool for social change. During his free time, Rohan enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports including soccer, table-tennis and cricket, and is a die-hard Liverpool fan.

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