Sports Event Tracker: June 15 update

Two Circles analysts track the number of sports events taking place globally against an originally-scheduled, pre-Covid-19 sporting calendar. Only events for professional, competitive sports events with a projected paid ticketed attendance of at least 5,000 (pre-Covid-19) are considered.

Update: June 15
Time period: January 1-June 14, 2020
Originally scheduled number of events:
Actual number of events taken place: 10,542 (45.6%)

2020 Global Sports Calendar (Cumulative Weekly Events)

Football and Royal Ascot put UK sport on road to normality

In South Korea, the number of events taking place per week – compared to the pre-Covid-19 calendar – has run above 100% for the last five weeks and is due to run at 100% this week. KBO (baseball) has been taking place since May 5 and K-League (football) from May 8, both without fans.

South Korea’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak – which centred around testing – benefited from experiences from 2015, when the country suffered an unexpected outbreak of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), which is also caused by a coronavirus.