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Venue Optimization

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Today’s consumers, in particular those in the so-called ‘millennial’ demographic, are increasingly valuing experiences over possessions – spending both more time and money on ‘Instagrammable’ events they can attend with friends and family. Professional sports, with their unscripted action taking place inside iconic venues, provide some of – if not the – best live experiences.

We use a data-driven approach to help sports organizations optimize their existing venues to maximize utilization and deliver sold-out buildings across all game day and non-game day events, and when planning new venues, ensure they are designed to deliver first-rate fan experiences that fans are willing to pay for.

For existing venues, this can mean helping sports organizations design new areas within their venues that better reflect demand for premium experiences; enabling a franchise that’s building a new facility or stadium to understand what product mix it should offer, and how it could be utilized for non-sports events; and supporting teams from major professional leagues in a move to or within a new market with the data-driven insight required to maximize revenue from their new location.


We support our clients in their venue optimization from planning to execution.

We start by analyzing our clients’ customer and financial data, alongside in-market primary research and relevant third-party data. Through our custom pricing models, sophisticated revenue-optimization techniques, market-sizing experience and proprietary benchmarks – developed from helping some of the leading sports organizations in the world optimize their venues – we then give in-depth insight into their customer base’s current and future purchase preferences, and sales and marketing guidance on how to act on the insight.

Finally, with our market-leading technology solutions, our clients are able to effectively act on this guidance, which we support with data-driven and highly-engaging digital marketing that drives sales and revenue growth.

Client Case Studies

Optimizing the venue for Britain’s biggest race meeting

Optimizing the venue for Britain’s biggest race meeting

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