About Two Circles

Data enables sports organizations to better understand, and grow stronger relationships with, their audiences and partners. Using data effectively, to guide compelling digital content tailored for the right audiences, consistently results in growth across all business lines.

It was under this premise that Two Circles was founded – in a mission to change the game for sports marketing. Today, our team has grown to over 400 people, working across five international offices, who are helping sports organizations adopt a data-driven approach across their businesses.

Our work helps our clients drive business growth by delivering the right message or product to the right customer, through the right channel, at the right time.

So whether your challenge is growing ticketing or premium revenue, creating a long-term business plan for your new stadium, selling rights more effectively to brands, or navigating the changing market for your (traditional) broadcast content – we have the expertise and energy to help you achieve your objectives.

Two Circles