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Training & Development

We strive to ensure all Two Circlers are given the support to learn the skills and behaviors they need not just to succeed at Two Circles, but to develop as people.

In the last 12 months, the average Two Circler was given access to 250 hours a year of learning and development opportunities led by both Two Circlers and external experts – all delivered through the Two Circles Academy, our learning and development programme.


The Two Circles Academy serves every Two Circler, in every job role and in every region, and is designed to stretch Two Circlers and help them fulfil their potential, driving the high performance of Two Circles as a whole.

A new joiner Analyst in our Marketing team, for instance, goes through entry-level onboarding, a fun and challenging training programme comprised of workshops and applied learning designed for next-generation sports marketers.

More experienced Two Circlers, meanwhile, receive coaching and leadership skills – and bespoke training related to their particular area of expertise, from external industry leaders.

And the Two Circles Academy is also constantly evolving. Newer modules added to the Two Circles Academy – created to ensure Two Circlers’ and Two Circles’ needs are met – include:

  • Insights Discovery: Psychometric personality analysis to help Two Circlers understand each others’ behaviors and working preferences
  • Consultant School: An over-night away day for consultants to hone their skills and share experiences as a cohort
  • Presenting Yourself as a Leader: Fun and practical sessions to improve presentations and become more influential communicators
  • Structured Thinking: Upskilling for Two Circlers of all levels on how to tackle problems effectively
  • Data Analytics & Management: Practical sessions for all levels of data literacy, from core Excel to advanced data-modelling
  • High-Performance Coaching: Giving managers and mentors new skills and ideas to support and challenge their Two Circlers’ growth and performance.

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