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Nik Rai

Nik Rai


Nik graduated from the University of York with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and joined EY as a Financial Services Consultant, working with Asset Managers and investment banks on tackling their biggest problems with innovative solutions. Following this, he moved to the world of sports and joined Nielsen Sports UK as an Account Manager, evaluating and optimising brand partnerships.

Nik has been left with no choice but to support Newcastle United due to his father being a Geordie and avid member of the Toon Army! He loves to play football and said the player that most resembles his style and ability would be Gary Taylor-Fletcher. Nik was once a keen and good cricket player, having played at a competitive level, but now prefers to watch.

Aside from sports, Nik cares about social causes and actively participates in charity work to tackle homelessness and promote better mental health.

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