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Our Spirit

At Two Circles we are building a once-in-a-lifetime business. One that has a long-lasting positive impact on the sports industry, and a life-changing positive impact on the people who work in it.

Across our business, the ‘Two Circles Spirit’ referenced frequently. The Two Circles Spirit has been a cornerstone of our ability to build the business we are today.

There is no one definition for the Two Circles Spirit. It is the unique emotions we feel from
being Two Circlers, and the personality through which we act with and towards teammates and clients.

And it’s constantly changing as we evolve as a business and new teammates give us new perspectives.

That said, how we work as a team is inspired by the greatest teams in sporting history.

    1. Teamwork
      Our work is highly collaborative and supporting each other is our key to success. We love working together as a team, and we put each other first, leaving no-one exposed.
    2. Teammates
      High performance is enabled through trust and friendships. On a regular basis you’ll find us at matches, games and playing sports together – strengthening relationships and building new ones.
    3. Commitment
      As with any sports team, Two Circlers play with energy, and take responsibility for their role in what we do. We go above and beyond for our clients, delivering quality in everything we do.
    4. Challenge
      High performers need to be stretched – and that means we design, build, and sustain environments that nurture progress and fulfil visions. It is this environment that enables us all to perform at our very best.

    We believe this approach empowers our team to take on the most inspiring and rewarding challenges of their working lives – and take sports to the next level, playing an even greater role in peoples’ lives.

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