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Say Hello to our 2022 Cohort

Aadam Patel

Specialism: Media/Journalism

Random Fact: I know the entire Quran by heart, which took me four years to learn and involves over 77,000 words, approximately 6,000 verses and 114 chapters. Memorising the Quran was of course hard work, but remembering and acting upon what I’ve learnt for the rest of my life is the real challenge!

Career Aspiration: To create refreshing and engaging content across platforms that can tell stories, help connect fans with athletes and organisations and crucially, serve underrepresented audiences. I’m particularly interested in branching out towards creating visual content side.


Adeyemi Lamidi

Specialism: Data Analytics

Random Fact: I used to box
Career Aspiration: To build a fulfilling career – applying my maths and data skills – in Rights Management


Akashsivan Suresh

Specialism: Social Media Marketing

Random Fact: I have played cricket professionally in three different countries – India, New Zealand and UK

Career Aspiration: Having played cricket for many years, I would like to direct my career to the cricket field, specifically sports marketing and athlete representation for sponsorships and social media strategies.


Aman Ali

Specialism: Data Insights & Analytics

Random Fact: I have been a professional wrestler since 2019

Career Aspiration: To contribute to increasing the number of diverse leadership figures in sports groups/organisations


Amber Leo Pereira

Specialism: Broadcast/Production

Random Fact: I have a stutter. So please be patient because sometimes I get stuck more than Internet Explorer.

Career Aspiration: Football is more than just a sport to me and I enjoy working with cameras. Hence, being a camera operator for a football broadcaster would be my dream job.


Anya Manek

Specialism: Journalism, Event Planning & Coaching

Random Fact: I am an avid Liverpool fan

Career Aspiration: I want to be able rise to the top of a sports marketing/consultancy agency while at the same time continue coaching at a high level as I do now.


Bethany Peers

Specialism: Marketing

Random Fact: I have a freckle on the back of my eye

Career Aspiration: To work on the Big Bash in Australia


Brian Matovu

Specialism: Presenting, Broadcast & Content Creation

Random Fact: I don’t eat chocolate

Career Aspiration: I hope to be a Presenter/Broadcast Journalist that is the face of sports in this country – be it football, basketball and American football. I also aspire to be someone who is in charge of operational obligations of a sports club or sports agency that can send talented UK athletes to study in American colleges.


Dylan Luke

Specialism: Cinematography

Random Fact: I’m a qualified football coach

Career Aspiration: I aspire to be the best version of myself possible and to become an editor, cinematographer or presenter


Febimara Sey

Specialism: B2B Social Media

Random Fact: Currently trying to complete Couch to 5K

Career Aspiration: To enhance skills to grow within the sector from business to consumer


Holly Bacon

Specialism: Broadcast Journalism

Random Fact: I have been to 84 of the current 92 football grounds

Career Aspiration: I want to help to inspire others from under-represented backgrounds to pursue a career in sports media and presenting


Jamie Lashley

Specialism: Journalism

Random Fact: I once starred in an advert for a Disney XD show that was broadcasted to the Africa region (I was about 13 at the time!)

Career Aspiration: Having been a part of elite teams as a player, I want to make an impact off the pitch by maximising the sport experience as a whole, with a focus on improving accessibility and enjoyment for all


Jorge Armando Guzman Baldeon

Specialism: Data, Talent, Journalism

Random Fact: Although my official name is Jorge, everyone (including my parents and family) calls me Giorgio

Career Aspiration: To inspire people from underrepresented backgrounds and demonstrate to them that working at an elite level of sport is indeed possible and achievable. My long-term goal is to nurture the sports sector in my country (Peru), boosting the sports development sector and using sports as a vehicle for change


Joseph Sam

Specialism: Broadcast, Journalism, Media

Random Fact: I once interviewed Sir Chris Hoy in Glasgow at the UCI Track Nations Cup

Career Aspiration: I hope to one day become a sports broadcaster/presenter across a variety of sports, particularly NBA, NFL and Football


Kerrie Norris

Specialism: Sports Journalism & Digital Comms

Random Fact: I have to watch Netflix/Youtube videos at 1.5 speed, preferably at 1.75. It’s the most efficient way for me to take in the content!

Career Aspiration: To be able to provide a voice, and ultimately make a wider difference in under-represented communities


Lauren Coffman

Specialism: Journalism

Random Fact: I was once interviewed on ITV News…about having hayfever

Career Aspiration: To break into the world of marketing & consultancy – my football dream is working for Arsenal!


Luke Wardle

Specialism: Graphic Design

Random Fact: I was one of the mascots for an England men’s football game at Wembley Stadium against Slovenia in 2009. I walked out with Slovenia captain Robert Koren

Career Aspiration: To work in graphic design for well known organisations within the world of sport as a freelance designer. I would also like to do the best I can to grow the game of women’s football in this country and around the world


Maria Fernandes

Specialism: Sports Development

Random Fact: I have been on TV

Career Aspiration: I want to continue making a positive difference to the sports industry, by supporting people towards achieving their goals


Martin Power-Galea

Specialism: Graphic Design

Random Fact: I created a design used by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to announce his departure from the club to Barcelona

Career Aspiration: To become a full time graphic designer in the sports industry. I would love the chance to design for a sports team; I want to show that it’s never too late to change your career path


Ngemenyi Fusi

Specialism: Commercial Partnerships & Relationship Management

Random Fact: I studied in Brazil for a year at University, without any knowledge of Portuguese at the time…

Career Aspiration: To have a successful and enjoyable career within the industry, and to encourage & support others with a similar background (both professionally and demographically) who have also wanted to get into the world of sports


Olivia Eastwood-Gray

Specialism: Brand Content & Social Media Partnerships

Random Fact: I was in the England Netball Under 19’s development squad

Career Aspiration: I want the work that I do to make meaningful change that can benefit industry and people from all walks of life!


Paige Eagle

Specialism: Motorsport

Random Fact: I’m a cheerleader

Career Aspiration: I would love to be a sports presenter and aim to help make the motorsports industry more diverse


Prevail Harmony

Specialism: Sport & Recreation Management

Random Fact: I love adrenaline activities…I skydived for charity!

Career Aspiration: I am interested in the progression and diversification of alternative sports like skateboarding. I aspire to be a part of the sustainable development of these sports


Raymond Asare

Specialism: Sports technology & Innovation

Random Fact: My favourite dessert is lemon sorbet

Career Aspiration: To work in the sports technology technology field, being a part of developing new products to help performances of athletes/participation in sports and other tools to aid professional sports organisations


Rohit Haldania

Specialism: Sports for Development

Random Fact: I love to rollerskate and look forward to sharing word about another developing sport called RollBall

Career Aspiration: To set up the UK’s first Kho Kho league in a professional set up that supports the development of the game


Samuel Oni

Specialism: Sports Journalism

Random Fact: Never travelled outside of Europe

Career Aspiration: Build a career through sports content


Serena Mahandru

Specialism: Sports Development & Management

Random Fact: I was part of a Guinness World Record in 2017 (the largest high-intensity interval training class) – and hope to break it again this summer!

Career Aspiration: To work in an executive role at the ECB, and I would love to see more South Asian females in board level roles within the sport industry


Sonica Mendiratta

Specialism: Risk, Governance & Project Management

Random Fact: I had an incredible experience being a part of UEFA Euro 2020, and met many amazing people throughout my time at the tournament at Wembley Stadium

Career Aspiration: My longer term aim is to use my experience to be a role model for younger women including Asians and other ethnic minorities and encourage them to engage more with football both on and off the pitch


Tara Amin

Specialism: Tennis Content Marketing

Random Fact: My full name spells out my first name 🙂

Career Aspiration: I want to be able to add a different perspective to the industry, particularly tennis, through using my own experiences to develop a unique understanding of sports related issues


Um-E-Aymen Babar

Specialism: Journalism

Random Fact: Won the Hugh Cudlick Award sponsored by the Daily Mirror for a written cricket piece

Career Aspiration: Cricket writer for the ECB


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