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Podcast: Unofficial Partner talks to Gareth Balch

Gareth Balch spoke to Richard Gillis on the Unofficial Partner podcast about what being a data-driven agency entails, the digital transformation of sport, and how Two Circles is helping clients drive growth by building direct relationships with fans.

The podcast was recorded in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic globally on March 31st 2020.

Listen below to hear Gareth and Richard discuss:

  • How Two Circles has adapted to a new, ‘virtual’ business as usual, and how Two Circles is helping clients think both short and long-term to understand and navigate the current situation (3 mins)
  • The accelerated change driven by the disruption of Covid-19, and why direct relationships with fans will become the principle business model for sports organisations (9 mins)
  • How the 2021 sporting calendar will pan out and what advice Two Circles is giving to sports rights-owners who have tough times ahead (17 mins)
  • Two Circles’ proposition and brand, and how commercial perspectives in sport have shifted over the past 10 years (23 mins)
  • Bruin Sports Capital’s investment in Two Circles and the future of the agency across North America and Europe (31 mins).

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