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Maximising the value of sports assets

At the end of March, Gareth Balch talked to Sportcal about the impact on the sports industry during and post-coronavirus, the role of digital and data in maximising the value of media and sponsorship rights, and the prevailing trend of private equity investment.

Sports properties need to develop rights packages that are befitting of the digital age – and we think data, and the right intelligence, is integral to that

In the interview, Gareth discusses:

  • How the sports ecosystem will change as a result of the current pandemic as well as the future for sport in the overall media and entertainment landscape
  • Changing media relationships and how sports organisations should put fans at the centre of commercialisation strategies
  • Sports sponsorship as an extension of the media mix and integrating digital intelligently into sponsorship packages
  • The evolving commercial model of sport and the opportunity for private equity firms

To read the full interview from Sportcal Insight, click here.

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